The Roman historian and scholar Pliny the Elder claimed that the wild cherry was brought to the Apennine Peninsula by the Roman consul and military leader Lucullus in the middle of the first century AD from the Pontic shores of the Black Sea.

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wild cherry wood logs


warm reddish-brown color with a distinctive grain pattern

  • hard

  • durable

  • ideal for furniture and flooring

  • easy to work with

  • popular for cabinetry

  • relatively expensive

close-up of cherry wood structure

This claim has long been considered true but recent archaeological research has proven the presence of cherry seeds in the human settlements as early as early Bronze Age, leading us to conclude that humans understood the multiple benefits of this noble species very early on.

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The wild cherry indeed comes from the Pontic region, and its Latin name, Prunus Avium, literally means bird cherry or bird fruit. From that etymology, a lot can be concluded - at least the way in which the cherry expanded its range...

Due to the outstanding ecological and technical properties of cherries, foresters have always worked in favor of them - there is an unwritten rule to always provide conditions for the growth and development of cherries because they attract and feed forest animals and thus increase biodiversity which improves the stability of the entire biocenosis.

Cherry wood is hard and heavy and as such is highly valued for making high quality pieces of furniture and musical instruments, and it is characterized by a reddish brown color and a very pleasant texture. Today, quality veneered doors are made of cherry wood, as well as treads, stairs, wall and floor coverings and also classic parquet.


close-up of cherry wood structure



Versailles parquet

“The Versailles“ decorative panels draws inspiration from the parquet flooring in the famous french palace.




Multilayer panels

Multilayer solid wood panels are a type of engineered wood panel made by gluing together multiple layers of solid wood, usually 3 or 5 layers.