The ancient Greek poet Hesiod claimed that the gods made people from ash wood, Berbers from North Africa believed that the god first created ash of all of his trees, and various ancient cultures attributed certain magical properties to this noble tree.

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close-up of ash wood structure


light-colored, almost white appearance

  • hard and durable

  • ideal for furniture

  • excellent shock resistance

  • stable

  • easy to work with

  • for carpentry and joinery

close-up of white ash wood structure

Ash is a fast-growing deciduous tree that easily adapts to the conditions of the environment in which it grows, and it is said that only oak can surpass it in strength, but not in beauty.

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Ash wood has a wood structure similar to oak, but it is lighter in color and nobler in character, and as such suitable for making stylish furniture - the Kremlin palace is equipped with ash furniture.

In ancient times, the excellent properties of ash wood were recognized, such as high impact strength and durability - ancient warriors made bows, spears and sticks from it, but also important parts for chariots or carts because, as the saying goes, 'ash does not lose its measure'.

Today, ash wood has a very wide range of uses. It is used to make sports equipment such as skis, oars, gymnastic equipment, billiard cues or baseball bats. Since ash has technical properties comparable to oak, and with a lower density, it is used in the aerospace industry and in shipbuilding. Different types of floor and wall coverings, parquets, floors and steps are made of ash wood. High quality ash is used to make veneers and veneer panels.


close-up of ash wood structure



Sawn Ash

Ash is a popular hardwood with a unique combination of strength, flexibility, and aesthetic appeal. Our selection of ash sawn timber is available in various conditions, including fresh, air-dry, and kiln-dry options.




Engineered flooring

Engineered Flooring is the most popular type of real wood flooring becouse they are the most stable while delivering an authentic wood warmth and texture.




Finger-Joint Panel

Finger-joint panel consists of short lamellas, boards planned from all sides. The lamellas are glued to each other by 4 sides.