An old Slavic proverb says:"Oh flowering Linden tree, Nor even fearsome Perun, can not hurt You with his lightning bolt arrows!"

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close-up of lime wood structure


Pale-colored and uniform.

  • Soft and lightweight.

  • Moderate shock resistance

  • Moderate wear-resistance

  • Easy to work with

  • highly carvable

  • Affordable

close-up of linden wood structure

Due to the widespread belief that lightning never strikes a linden tree, the dwellings of the ancient Slavs were decorated with twigs of this honey-bearing sort.

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Most valuable linden forests are spread over the Slavic parts of the old continent, so due to this fact, but also because of its extraordinary properties, the linden has become the most sacred tree of the Slavs.

Linden wood has been used for many practical purposes since ancient times. Ancient wooden shields made of linden were documented, and barns, beehives, crates, barrels, toys and all kinds of kitchen utensils were built from this light but solid wood.

This noble deciduous tree is often used as a construction wood, and its pliable properties come to the fore in carpentry production. Linden is used to make furniture, as well as staircases, treads and wall coverings, and also has wide application in the music industry; the bodies of guitars and wind instruments are made of linden.


linden wood logs



Sawn Linden

Linden, also known as basswood, has a light color and a soft, fine grain that makes it easy to work with.