Hornbeam and oak are in a close, almost symbiotic relationship; it is said that the oak is the 'master' of the hornbeam, but who owes his 'servant' for his superior characteristics.

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package of kiln dried unedged hornbeam sawn timber in the warehouse


pale, yellow-white color with a fine, even texture

  • very hard and heavy

  • suitable for tool handles and flooring

  • strong and tough

  • good resistance to bending

  • very stable

  • ideal for carving

close-up of hornbeam wood structure

In the early stages of forest development, oak protects the young hornbeam trees from excessive and potentially fatal insolation with its shade, and in the later stages of development the hornbeam returns the favor by 'cleaning' the shaded branches on the trunk of oak tree, thus improving its technical properties.

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Thanks to its hardness and wear resistance, hornbeam has played an important role in the history of warfare. Its ‘iron wood’ proved to be the ideal material for building the deadliest weapon of the old world - the chariot of war.

Hornbeam is still in demand for the production of wooden wheels for carriages and for all other purposes where the hardness of the material is required.

Because of its hardness, hornbeam has not found much application in carpentry, but it has proven to be an excellent material for making tools, musical instruments and in the shipbuilding. Due to its durability and characteristic structure, hornbeam parquet is also on the price.


close-up of hornbeam wood structure



Sawn Hornbeam

Hornbeam is a beautiful, dense hardwood with a wide range of applications.