The edge-glued solid wood panels consist of long lamellas, 4 sides planned boards.

edge glued massive oak wood panels rustic quality
from AA to CC/rustic
beech, oak, ash, maple
8% (+/- 2%)
length: 500 - 3000 mm
width: 100 - 1250 mm
thickness: 18 - 65 mm
adhesives D3 and D4

The lamellas are glued to each other by 2 sides, in width. The length of the lamellas is equal to the length of the panels and is limited only by the availability of raw materials. The wider the lamella, the more "natural" the panel will look and the more it will remind us of the typical wood structure we imagine.

Advantage of edge-glued solid wood panels is that they are less prone to warping and twisting than traditional solid wood panels. This is because the lamellas are glued together in a perpendicular orientation, which provides increased stability and resistance to changes in humidity and temperature. When it comes to aesthetics, edge-glued solid wood panels can also offer a unique and attractive look. The field of application of such a panel knows no limits.

Tabletops, windowsills, décor - you can make anything out of it. We should also highlight the stairs, steps made of edge glued wood are a real classic. Edge-glued solid wood panels are also environmentally friendly. They can be made from reclaimed or sustainably harvested wood, and they help reduce waste by using smaller pieces of wood that would otherwise be discarded.

In summary, edge-glued solid wood panels are an excellent choice for furniture, cabinetry, and flooring applications. They are cost-effective, sustainable, stable and offer unique aesthetic patterns. They are environmentally friendly and by using reclaimed or sustainably harvested wood, help reduce waste in industry.