Happy birthday No. 75!

Happy birthday No. 75!

Exportdrvo, a premier Croatian company in the wood and wooden products industry, is proud to mark its 75th anniversary. With a rich heritage dating back a century, Exportdrvo embodies the tradition of quality, durability, and beauty in Croatian wood. This legacy was passed down from Našička, a former wood production and trading company established during the Austria-Hungary era. After Našička’s discontinuation during World War II, Exportdrvo was founded on February 6th, 1948 and took over its market position. Today, Exportdrvo operates from the same building in Marulić Square where Našička once stood, and is staffed by a high qualified team of employees, boasts a global business network, and is widely respected for its trustworthiness and quality.

Exportdrvo has demonstrated its ability to adapt to changes in the market, preserving its customers’ trust. As one of the leading companies of the Croatian economy, Exportdrvo continues to drive the quality and success of wood products worldwide, and remains dedicated to following European business standards, cementing its status as a reliable and esteemed business partner.

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