Equipment, spare parts and raw material for the needs of wood industry are imported mainly for a specified purpose in accordance with the needs of particular manufacturers. Exportdrvo is the agent for the German company JOWAT AG, the leading producer of glues for wood and paper industry. PVA-c assembly glues are used for assembly of furniture and wood panels. The range of products includes also the meltable glues for gluing solid edge tapes, veneer and sheets while the production of upholstered furniture and mattresses uses special glues for foam rubber. As for paper industry, the Jowat glues are primarily used for cardboard packaging material and  for labelling.
    Flexible grit types of the highest quality under the brand VSM-VITEX , are available on the Croatian market owing to the Exportdrvo agency. More than 150 grit products of high tech series in jumbo rolls , belts, discs and sheets are  used on a daily basis in wood and metal industry and in handicrafts. Specific types of  grains (self-sharpening, ceramic series, Zirconia series or High quality aluminium series, silicon carbide series ), application on cloth, fiber or paper backing are the grinding materials to meet the highest standards of technological processing.
    All the products are available in consignment warehouses of Exportdrvo, being a precondition for a prompt market supply.