Company profile

Exportdrvo is a traditional wood products exporter of primary, semi-finished and finished products sectors of wood processing branch of the   Republic of  Croatia  being active in business for more than half a century. Among the first in Croatia, the company received the FSC certificate covering all wood products groups intended for export being one of the essential preconditions for an equal admission to the EU market. Exportdrvo seeks to define the products of the products of the Croatian wood industry as a recognizable brand and to introduce a mechanism of competitiveness of the national product on demanding world market. Through quality and differentiation of products and services Exportdrvo is trying to meet the needs of the modern market. Transparency and reliability in business activities as well as own network abroad are just some of advantages of Exportdrvo. Valuable business contacts with more than two thousand companies worldwide have been achieved through long-standing activities. The most important country partners are Germany, Italy, Great Britain, France, Spain, Egypt and Nordic countries.

Board of directors: Mr. Boleslaw Kulaga, the President, 
and the members:  Mr. Vladimir Acinger, Mr.  Veselko Letica , Mr. Stjepan Markesic and Mr. Tomislav Lucencic